Saxophonist Paul Weiling is a world traveler in music. He combines folk or classical music from all parts of the globe with Jazz improvisation in various international groups and projects. His performances and recordings include musicians from Spain, Greece, Cuba, China, India, Africa and the Middle East. Within these projects new sounds develop by blending the musical styles of different cultures.
Original compositions and special arrangements based on the exploration of the 'other' cultures deliver the framework. Improvisation is the key to bring it all together and to keep the music fresh and alive.

Over the past few years the Jazz trained improviser has been focussing on Flamenco.
With his group Compasión and the CD Salmuera he has found a new and convincing way to merge these styles into a new idiom. The Dutch Volkskrant calls it "An innovation which sounds so natural that you ask yourself why nobody has ever done this before." (Ton Maas, five star review, Februay 2009)

In 2011 Paul started Tales of Tala, a new project in cooperation with the Utrecht based foundation Music: World Series. Five musicians from India, Persia and Europe join forces to explore the Indian language of rhythm (tala) and improvisation.

In addition to leading his own projects, Compasión and Tales of Tala, Paul presently works with the John Fillmore Quartet, Duo Quartier Latin, The Pan Project, The Rhythm Orgy Band and as a guest soloist with Trio Son Cubano. He teaches saxophone at the Fontys Conservatory, Tilburg.
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